Dealing with pain and considering CBD?

One of the top reasons people seek out CBD is the possibility of dealing with pain without taking numerous pain pills. If you are also looking for a holistic management method to targets muscles, joints, headaches, etc, you have come to the right place!

A 2008 review* of looked into the topic of CBD usage for chronic pain. This review looked at studies conducted between the late 1980s and 2007. Based on these reviews, researchers concluded CBD was effective in overall pain management with no negative side effects. It also concluded that CBD was helpful to users who suffer from insomnia due to severe pain and also those suffering from MS.

Using the cannabis plant for holistic pain management dates back to ancient China and was believed to ease pain by reducing inflammation.**

Here at SmooVibes helping others lead healthier lives is our passion! Many of our clients come seeming help with pain, arthritis, migraines and more!

We have taken CBD oil and paired it with therapeutic grade essential oils also well known for their potential benefits in pain management. Combining these power-packed ingredients into a topical salve gives targeted application to desired areas with fast-acting results by avoiding the digestive system.

Still not sure if CBD is right for You? Let's chat! It's our mission to personalize products to your needs!


*2008 Review


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